Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Web Site Critiques

What attracted me first to Yulia's site was the artistic content. When you first go to the site it has a very simplistic homepage in black and white. Then as you click on the link to her work you are introduced to an explosion of color.  I like how easy it is to figure out where you want to go. Some websites have very confusing home page interfaces. As soon as you click into the illustration section there is a small set of icons which brighten as you run the mouse over them. It really helps bring her artwork to life.  Looking to the side you select the artwork and they appear larger to the side. I also really liked the miniature icons above the enlarged photos, and as you run the mouse over them they appear in the large box and move in a conveyor belt fashion. I think this artist's site does a really great job of portraying the artists work in its best light. The news section the artist has is separate from the artwork page I discussed earlier. I like how she has commented and discussed what each individual piece was for and its purpose while avoiding looking too much like a general blog.  She keeps her text content low in order to focus in on the artwork which I think is key for this website. The type she does use is simplistic so that it doesn't detract from the beautiful type creations she makes.

This flash sight is pretty great! As you enter the site it directs you you click and drag up to enter the site. I haven't explored too many flash sites but I really like how interactive they are. As you enter the site the homepage is a mixture of brown colors. When you drag the mouse down to the images below each row appears in a different color. The movement on this page is very interesting. As you click on each row it zooms in and centers it on the page. Then you can click and drag the row in order to see all of the pieces close up. The motion of the page really really makes the site fun to go through and look at all of the different art work. I also really liked how up top even though the icons stay the same, the page slides to the side as if its turning a page. The page does a good job of attracting aspiring designers by its interesting design. With all of the different ways to navigate around the site you could browse on here forever. It is easy to navigate and know where you are because of the constant bar at the top.

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